Are you ready to
up level your
design business?

Whether you're a new designer, or you've been at it for a while... I totally know what it's like to not feel 'at home' within your business.

Here is what I can help you with

Increase your prices without feeling like "no-one would pay that".

Create a successful abundant freelancing business that is filled with intention & authenticity.

Feeling supported in your business by joining a community of other designers & potential business besties.

Time & project management so that you're not working crazy hours & burning out. 

Helping you to niche down and start specialising in one area so you can become "the expert" in that field.

Figure out your ideal client and actually land work with them every time.


1:1 Private Mentoring

Private mentoring allows me to meet you exactly where you're at. We will work closely on mindset, limiting beliefs, structures, branding, strategy to allow you to grow your business.


Group program

The Aligned Designer is my signature program specifically created for graphic designers. This program is where strategy meets spirituality to help you align your business for success.



The 5 Day Designer is a self-paced 5 day course which covers the basic foundations of setting up your business so that it is strong and cohesive.



The free content you will find on here will be constantly updating and changing so make sure you pop back in every now and again to check out new free resources. 

hello gorgeous

I'm George

Brand Designer & Mentor.

 Owner of GeMu Design Studio.


I help freelancers create an aligned, abundant, strategic graphic design business.

My style is very much strategy meets spirituality. There is a little bit of woo, that is backed up completely with aligned action & processes.


Ready to feel at home with in your business?

Ready to take control?

Ready to call in your ideal clients?



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